Life Fitness Row GX Trainer Rowing Machine Reviews

If you want a home rowing machine, Life Fitness Row GX Trainer is the best tool you can purchase. Life Fitness’ rowing machines come with water resistance technology to offer more resistance to rowing exercises.

With 16 different resistance settings for weight training programs, you will find a more demanding workout schedule. A water-resistant rower can make you cherish rowing with the sensation of the sound of water.

The Row GX Trainer is lightweight and affordable. It is easy to move and store furniture because of its transport wheels and vertical storage.

Although the computer may be more costly, it is well worth the price because it will have high reliability.

Suitable for whom

Rower GX Trainer is a powerful rowing machine that is proven to provide practical total-body training in home comfort. This exercise bicycle is a relatively low-impact way to exercise.

It can be used both for individual and small group training. You will need to get a rowing machine if you go to a higher-priced fitness club.

Life Fitness Rowing Machine Design, Assembly & Build Quality 


The Row GX is something you are required to assemble from your end. You could either follow the instructions in the user manual or purchase a device that needs DIY installation of around $150.

For stability, the rower must be on a horizontal, flat surface. Any wear and tear on the mechanism mean to repair the machinery. Check the physical examination periodically. Proper maintenance can prolong the life of the equipment.

#2) Plan and construction efficiency

This swimming exercise equipment would mimic a natural rowing motion by fluid forces in the tank. It can challenge the overall body muscles and preserving your overall health.

The Row GX features an ergonomic design with a chic outlook. You can enjoy the water relaxation as you row.

It has a compact construction and allows users to transfer its computer into the same space, providing individual or community training.

There is space usage, and there is also vertical stacking of the room.

This rowing machine has a computerized interface that monitors your workout data such as time, distance, split time, strokes per minute so that you can calculate your workout progress.

These are just some features of the Life Fitness Row GX Rowing Machine.

#1) LCD view

This computer features an LCD monitor that monitors data such as time, 500-meter split time, stroke count, calories burned, etc. The screen display is thin, but the details are fascinating to see.


This unit uses a unique fluid resistance technology to mimic rowing boats and create healthy water workouts. It comes with a refillable water tank that lets you experience the feeling of water while rowing.

#3) Pulse monitoring

Fortunately, you do not get a built-in pulse sensor in your GX rower. However, you can buy the optional tracker kit that includes a tracker and a chest strap if you want to control your behavior while exercising.

#4) Resistance levels

This rower helps you change the effort level with 16 different settings from level 1 to level 16 if you set the resistance to a specific value; row the unit up to three or four strokes to see if that is the right degree of resistance.


Getting on and off the Rower GX is more comfortable since it is placed at an elevated seat. The only 20 inches above floor level seating arrangement makes this machine available for all users, including those with decreased mobility.

#6) Footplate

It features slides that can be modified to match different-sized feet. Footplates are secured with rubber straps to provide a safe rowing experience.

#7) Cushioned seat

After exercising for hours, it is necessary to rest correctly to avoid back and muscle problems. So, Rower GX provides supportive cushioned chairs.


The Rower GX fits well because of its Dyneema Drive Cable for more intense workouts such as climbing, sailing, etc. Aluminum’s advantages over steel mean that it is a necessary drive mechanism.


The Rower GX is a foldable model that helps save storage space making it ideal for home gyms. It is excellent for gyms as it is compact.


It is built with a Frame Cable that can be modified into various tensions. Don’t let the cable be loose so you can get full signal power.


This rowing machine is designed to accommodate multiple users efficiently with a 330 lb user weight capacity.

FAQs (Life Fitness Row GX Trainer Rowing Machine Review)

How long should you use a rowing machine per day?

In terms of losing weight, you would be most successful by exercising for at least 30 minutes a day, four or six days a week. As a new starter, make sure you are having enough rest days particularly.

How do you use a rowing machine step by step?

If your back straight and is steady, you must push your front body first and use your upper back to pull your arms toward your chest. Hold arms straight and bend knees to glide forward. ‘Legs, head, arms, legs.’

How long do you need to use a rowing machine to see results?

If you follow this program three days a week, you will begin to see the effects in as little as 14 days with the correct diet. Stein said.

How long should a beginner row on a rowing machine?

Start working with a row of 3-5 minutes. Then, take a break, go outside, and walk around. If you are in good condition, exercise about four bouts at first.

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