How to Remove Speed Limiter on Electric Scooter?

As most manufacturers concentrate not on scooter speed but security, quality, and compliance with US and European standards, the issue is commonly raised. We have prepared step-by-step instructions if you already have your electric scooter and want to increase its pace. The question is, how to remove speed limiter on electric scooter?

So can you boost the Electric Scooter speed and how? Yes, you can! You may want to speed up the scooter, but you will have to look after the scooter’s limits so that you do not harm it. The way you should do it is:

  • Remove the speed limit.
  • Increase the power of the battery.
  • Rewind the motor and change the sprockets.

You need to know the scooter parts before increasing the speed of the electric scooter. Brakes are designed to slow or stop the scooter. The chain is used to bind the engine & the charger- links the engine and the wheel. 

The engine is used to propel & it is the point powered by the engine. Wheels are those with tubes and revolutions. The controller connects both sections.

Increase The Speed Of The Electric Scooter:

Remove the Speed LimiterThe removal of the speed limit will increase the scooter speed and make life faster for the battery drain. It has its advantages and disadvantages. 

For some reason, the speed limit was installed there, and this is for protection. When you want to eliminate the speed limitation, make sure you are vigilant on a busy road. Therefore, your safety is vital to keep this in mind.

1) Battery Power Increase

The speed is much too much related to (battery) strength. If the power is reduced, the speed decreases. By adding the voltage, the power can be increased. If the battery voltage of the scooter is low, you need a higher voltage battery, and you can get the extra power to make your electric scooter go faster.

2) Change the Tires

Different types of scooter tires can give your electric scooter some extra speed. These pneumatic tires are “airless” because they can minimize friction and speed up your scooter. It not only gives you a different pace, but you can also get additional miles. You won’t have any significant differences, of course, but the findings certainly will be prominent.

3) Add battery

If the voltage is not enough, you can add another battery. It helps to keep the same speed for a longer time as we all know that physically adding a battery would not improve speed. You may also try to get rid of the speed limit and add a little extra speed to your scooter.

4) Rewind the engine

By rewinding the engine reduces the winding of the belt and therefore increases the number of revolutions. Make sure that you do this correctly because this change is for advanced users. I would not advise you to do that yourself, but to contact someone who knows what he’s doing. If you do it alone, you will do more harm than good.

5) Change the Sprockets

Long sprockets can be removed and mounted on the front and shorter on the back. It adds a few more miles per hour. Consult even someone who knows that, so before you decide to replace them, you can choose the good sprockets. It would be a surcharge, but you surely deserve it if you want to speed up your electric scooter.

How to Remove Speed Limiter on Electric Scooter

Analyze if you need to drive faster before you raise the speed of an electric scooter. If you do not categorically have the available pace, change the engine wheel into one more powerful, add another electric engine on the second wheel and get a dynamic all-wheel-drive electric bike. 

And they still use full-time controllers – they can deliver a stable vehicle service for several years. The weight of the frame is an indirect factor influencing the speed of the electric scooter. The use of lighter batteries, rollers, structures, and other elements can be made easier.

Objective Risks in Increasing The Speed To Your Electric Scooter

Do not use a power mode electric scooter. Even if you are already doing this and the windings are still in order, that means that power is used for a short period and the engine can’t cool, but it can happen one day. 

Motor wheels with burnt windings and magnets that have fallen away from critical temperatures are frequently repaired, so we advise that such experiments be avoided. A logical question arises in our mind – why are there no motor wheel temperature sensors except overheating? 

The motorcycle does not overheat even when it drives in summer at 35 °C when using a standard controller. It does not make sense to confuse the controller by adding a temperature sensor.

Some electric scooter models can achieve a speed of 50 km/h or higher but have a maximum that cannot accelerate over 30 km/h. It is usually wired in electronics and looks like a tiny resistor. 

To get rid of it, you need to know about the radio component to remove the limiting device and replace other parts of the controller, if possible. We do not suggest eliminating the speed limit because this can lead to engine issues, battery life, and the scooter’s durability.

How to Increase The Voltage For More Speed to An Electric Scooter?

The first phase is the analysis of the controller mounted. You have to see which voltage limits are built for the internal condensers and transistor switches. You may try to give an existing controller a higher voltage: maybe its security margin allows you to do it, and the controller will not fire.

It is best not to change this with standard motor control and adjust it immediately to a higher voltage model. It is a cheap purchase: the controller price is $25 and up to $60. 

There are costly models with a $240-$400 price tag: efficient programmable models with Bluetooth technology, increased breakdown security, and malfunctions. 

To mount the controller, approximately 15 wires are required: if you do not have the necessary skills, please contact some specialists. 

They will help you install easily, reliably and ensure that you are protected from installation errors.

How Does the Controller Affect the Speed in Electric Scooters?

If you replace the controller with a higher voltage model, you will also have to replace the battery with a stronger one. 

These two components are critical to have the same voltage value. Be careful about your electric scooter’s braking: can the braking be secure and quick at a new, higher speed? Now we turn to the issue of your engine’s capabilities. 

Gear motors respond poorly with the current to an increase in voltage. If you can raise the voltage without reaching the manufacturer’s current limit, the engine functions correctly. Motors with direct drive handle a 2-fold rise in power painlessly. 

To increase it even further, contact specialists for support are better: here, you have to do an excellent job protecting components from overheating.

Replacing electric scooter components to improve speed may also include high costs. It’s sometimes more comfortable to select a scooter with the initial parameters and driving features you need – choose the right vehicle in online stores.

Increasing the Speed of the Electric Scooter for the Disabled

Manufacturers mostly restrict the speed of electric scooters for the disabled. It is accomplished using software or triggering the jammer. The speed of such electric scooters is not recommended. It not only poses a danger of the scooter’s collapse in certain areas but can also lead to emergencies and risks to driver and other movement members’ health and life.


In this article, we discussed every possible way about How to Remove Speed Limiter on Electric Scooter and its advantages. We have established all the ways you can do this, and we have also discussed a few more narrow subjects. 

We have also mentioned the downsides of an electric scooter. Here are also three standard electric scooters on the market today. If I have left something out or want to add something, please leave a comment below.

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