How to Choose an Electric Scooter?

Investing in an electric scooter is the best choice for the everyday rider. Some considerations need to be considered when selecting the right form of electric scooter for your journey. Everyone has a basic understanding of what features their electric scooter requires. It varies concerning affordability, range, battery power, and additional features and amenities.

Aspects on How to choose the right electric scooter for you

#1 USE

Second, think about how and how much you want the scooter to be used. If you require reliable transport for work or school, a more advanced model with higher battery capacity and a better engine performance should be selected. However, you can choose one for a lower price if you buy a scooter for fun and occasional trips.

#2 Technology

It is important to know the technical specifications of your vehicle before you purchase an electric scooter. The electric scooter battery is your two-lifespan. Wheeler’s Ampere electric scooters are available in 2 battery types — the Li-Ion and Lead Acid Batteries.

The type of battery also gives an idea of your electric scooter’s range and speed. Charging of electric scooters is easy and simpler than refueling in fuel-based vehicles. All you have to do is charge it for the necessary time from the comfort of your home at night and drive away the next day!


The strength of the frame defines the weight limit of an electric scooter. All electric scooters bear the weight of an adult, but some are longer-lasting. Depending on who you buy them for, we sell scooters weighing 100–150 kg.

Many electric scooters have a folding frame that makes them easy to transport. It is even easier to find out how easy the scooter is to fold and what weight it weighs. Therefore, when you pick a scooter, you should remember how much you hold it and how often you fold and unfold it.


Another important consideration when choosing an electric scooter is its maximum battery cycle range. Individual scooter models will vary greatly in their range (given either in km or in minutes). Compare the parameters of each scooter and select a scooter that suits your needs. Naturally, the most expensive models with high-quality batteries have the longest range.


The battery capacity coincides with the scooter’s maximum range. Usually, the maximum duration is between 40 and several hours. However, the battery power also depends on the area, driving style, and weight of the rider. You can watch battery depletion on the dashboard of the scooter. The higher the battery capacity (Ah), the longer the maximum battery capacity.


For most electric scooters, the handlebars accelerate and decelerate by levers. The number of available speeds can vary, but the modification of the speed remains the same. (Multiple speed options are particularly useful when you have a kid who will also use the scooter.)

We also provide models with speed regulation so that the scooter retains some peed when cycling. Electric scooters with a special gyroscopic device can also operate the scooter by pressing the controls or pulling them back. The benefit of this method is a smooth deceleration that prevents sudden braking.


There are many options for the braking mechanism of an electric scooter. A footbrake also happens on the rear mudguard so that you can quickly stop the scooter. Electric brakes are sometimes also part of the scooter to make shopping faster and easier. A lever could also operate a classic rear brake (both drum or disk brake) on the handlebars. You break with models that use a gyroscopic device by pulling the controls to yourself.


Two types of wheels are usually used for electric scooters — inflatable and tubeless. Some versions combine the pedals, the front paddling, and the back paddling. Tubeless wheels are made of robust plastic so that they are not punctured. They must be replaced once they are worn. The benefit of inflatable wheels is that they conform to the road and withstand shocks from rough terrain. Some models will also have a shock absorber on the front wheel to reduce the impacts further.

Multiple wheel sizes are available. Broader wheels are usually more stable and ideal for traveling on rough terrain.


The drive of an electric scooter is connected to the battery — the bigger the engine, the better the riding experience. The motor ranges from 250 to 500 W. higher-powered engines are ideal for heavy users or uphill cycling. We sell either chain drive or pivotal drive electric scooters.

#10 Quality

Your electric scooter has to be powerful enough to ride on rugged roads, heavy traffic, and unprecedented conditions. Ampere electric scooters are designed to be rugged and efficient. They can navigate smoothly around natural areas and confined streets. The batteries are also secured against the IP 65/67 enclosure so that they are shielded from water entry.

#11 Style & Features

To live up to your lifestyle today, you deserve an electric scooter that meets your needs. Smart and young electric scooters with adequate legroom and boot space are becoming common for the modern era of electric scooters.

Given the dangerous nature of Indian cities and cities, electric scooters’ protection and comfort are important. A stylish electric scooter with heads turning around makes any trip a fun one.

#12 License Requirement

Before purchasing an electric scooter, check the license and registration requirements. An electric scooter with a maximum speed of less than 25 kph will not be registered. There is no need to license these electric scooters, which allows students under the age of 18 to go to school and college by electric scooter. For electric scooters with speeds higher than 25 kmph, licensing and registration are required. Ampere currently has two models in this group — Zeal and Magnus Pro.

#13 Cost Savings

When deciding on your electric scooter budget, the price of an electric scooter depends on many factors. In the US, the price of electric scooters varies according to the type of battery used. Li-ion batteries are more powerful and work better and cost more than plastic acid batteries.

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Originally published at on Feb 5, 2021.