How to Charge a Razor Electric Scooter?

How to Charge a Razor Electric Scooter? Nobody in the industry can compete against Razor when it comes to electric scooters. Razor is known for making high-quality, high-performance electric bikes. In addition to high performance, Razor scooters are also known for a durable battery that offers longer rides than other electronic scooters in the price range.

You can travel on a single charge for at least 10-16 miles with Razor scooters. Wonderful right? However, it would help if you always charged the scooter before you go on the journey. You get a charger with Razor scooters connected to the scooter to charge the battery.

But what if, in any case, your loader gets damaged? Of course, you should go to a business substitute. However, replacing a new charger with the faulty one takes some time. But you can’t take your Razor scooter for a ride during this interval, which is very disappointing.

But wait, you can charge the Razor scooter without even using the initial charger. Maybe you wonder how this is possible? Don’t worry; a step-by-step process to load a Razor scooter without a loader was mentioned. Please read more about this.

How to Charge a Razor Electric Scooter?

Most people believe the Razor scooters can be charged only with the aid of the company’s loader. It isn’t the reality, however. You can also manually charge the battery of your scooter without a charger. It would help if you had a battery charger, a screwdriver, and a power supply cable to charge your battery manually. All these can be obtained from any mechanical shop. If the conditions are met, you can move forward.

Remove the Battery from Scooter

Well, this is our first step in the process. As you know, batteries are inside the scooters which power the engine. You must then remove the battery from the shell of the scooter. Take the screwdriver and carefully open the scooter’s external cover. You will then see the battery between two rods holding the battery. Remove these rods with the aid of the screwdriver by losing the screws.

You can now look at the battery with two-wire terminals connecting the battery to the motor. Remove these two wires from the battery and take them out of the case. Now put the battery on the shell of the scooter. Go directly to the next level.

1) Recharge the Battery 

Now we’re out of the situation with the battery. Now take the battery charger from the store you purchased. This battery charger provides the medium for the power supply to charge your secondary cell. You can see in the battery charger two terminals with red cable on one and black on the other. The red wire here points to the positive terminal and the black terminal to the negative terminal.

Now attach the battery charger wires to the battery you removed from the scooters. Remember to join the battery terminals with the charger carefully. Please insert the other end of the battery charger into the power plug to start the charging phase. Now, the battery of your scooter should begin charging.

2) Leave the battery for charging. 

When the battery begins charging, leave it for a while in the same condition. Well, the majority of battery chargers come with a charging indicator to check the amount of charge. If you have entirely energized your battery, the charging level should turn green. If your loader doesn’t have a loading indicator, let it load fully for about 1-2 hours.

3) Remove the battery from Charging. 

When the battery is fully charged, detach the charger from the power supply. Now remove the battery terminals from the battery charger and remove them. If the battery is charged, leave it for some time in the air.

4) Place the Battery Back into the Scooter 

When the battery is in average condition, could you bring it back into the scooter? Placed the battery in the scooter, where it had previously been left. Attach the engine wires to the battery terminals. Now screw the rods into the scooter sooner and close the scooter’s cover. Now try starting the scooter with a power button.


You can load a Razor scooter without a loader in this way. One more thing to remember is that you should wear protective gear like rubber gloves to protect you from shocks during this phase. You can ride it once you have charged your scooter. But note, a Razor scooter or an electric scooter should always be loaded onto the original charger as it improves battery life.

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