How Many Calories Burned on a Rowing Machine?

The best way to lose your body weight and lose body fat is to spend more calories than you eat. By lowering your caloric intake by being aware of what you eat and increasing the number of calories you consume by doing rigorous exercises, you are more likely to burn fat and ultimately see how many calories burned on a rowing machine.

However, making time for calorie-burning full-body training in a world of busy bees can be a great challenge for many. It’s no wonder exercise will slip on the backburner often from long working hours to teacher-parent conferences. 

For what feels like not enough hours of the day, it is understandable that it’s not a priority to go to the gym and ride the treadmill for 60 minutes to lose 200 calories.

The good news is that the answer you’re looking for might be a rowing machine. Home rowers are known for providing fast, efficient low impact training in a fraction of the time to burn more calories.

The Rowing Machine

What is the first thought you have about cardio and trying to burn calories? It is primarily a treadmill. But the treadmill is not for everyone, particularly when it feels like your body is using calories so slowly, even after a long time.

Alternatively, the rowing machine is perhaps one of the most successful ways to get heart racing and blood pumping.

An indoor rower – also known as an ergometer – is an unbelievable mechanism that simulates the rower’s motion. An exciting, explosive rowing machine practice involves many muscle groups in the whole body, consuming more calories in as little as ten minutes per session.

What is the impact of burned calories on a rowing machine?

Many different factors can affect the number of calories you burn on a rower. However, weight, length, and strength are the three most critical variables to remember.

Weight: The heavier you are, the harder your body will work to achieve the same task, and if your body needs to work harder, you will naturally eat more calories.

Duration: If you exercise for a more extended period, it can lead to more calories being burnt. Think about it: you can burn more calories than someone who only row for 10 minutes if you row for more extended periods, like 30 minutes.

Speed: The intensity of your workout plays a part in the number of calories you often eat. Rowing vigorously can be difficult, but you may find that you will consume more calories in a shorter period than if you were to row slowly for a longer time. 

Remember, maximum effort will give maximum calorie burn for the entire period. So, how many calories burned on a rowing machine? The response is: it’s different.

Calories Burned Rowing Charts
Calories Burned Rowing Charts

What is Rowing HIIT?

If you’re up to the fun fitness world, you’ve probably heard of high-intensity interval training, also called HIIT.

HIIT provides various advantages, including an “afterburn effect,” which will help you continue to burn calories after your exercise. It’s quick to apply HIIT principles to rowing training. 

A good example would be to pull as hard as you can for thirty seconds, give it all your efforts, and immediately pull your heart rate down 60 seconds at a much slower speed. Repeat ten times this loop.

Hey, we said that it would be easy to apply HIIT concepts – not that the actual workout itself was easy. If you’re going to do a HIIT exercise on a rowing machine, bring your water to the sweat rag so you can burn 300 calories in just 20 minutes.

What is Steady State Rowing?

Were you able to help develop stamina by rowing steadily at moderate intensity? Good endurance will help you in many ways, including increased endurance, better balance and coordination, and even mass muscle development stimulation.

You will follow a stable-state approach to what you consider a medium speed to maintain your optimum heart rate of approximately 65 – 75 percent for the entire period of your training. 

While this range is technically referred to as the “fat-burning region” since fat is more emphasized when used as an energy source, HIIT offers a more critical total fat-burning upside when you consider the afterburn effect. 

However, HIIT and the steady-state method are both advantageous and ideal to boost cardiovascular health and help you burn calories.

How to use a rowing machine to burn the most calories

Would you like to burn more calories on a rower? Here are a few tips to help.

1. Concentrate on the rate of stroke. It does not just mean sliding up and down on the rail as quickly as possible but gets the flywheel spinning faster to generate greater power. Focus on a 24-30 minute stroke to burn the most calories.

2. Turn the exercises up. Changing your routine every couple of weeks will help your body not get used to your practice. The more effective your body is when it is training, the more efficient your body is when exercising, the lower your heart rate, allowing you to eat even fewer calories.

Fortunately, it only takes four basic steps to nail off the proper rowing technique: Catch, Push, Finish, and Recovery.

The Catch

The first move is called the Catch, but often it is called the “ready” or “start.” The name derives from the moment the oar’s blade “catch” the water on a voyage.

To correctly complete this motion, sit straight and upright on the rowing machine with your arms. It would help if you bent your knees and ankles to ensure that your shins are vertical. You are using your lats to bring your shoulders down and strap your heart from there. Then lean a little forward, keeping your back still straight.

The Drive

The next move is called the Run. Start to drive your legs, tightening and tightening your center. Lean back to around 45 degrees if the legs are straight, hanging on the hips. The last movement in this movement is from your arms, thus pulling the grip to your chest a few inches above your bowels.

The End

The finish is opposite to the catching role – but you’re not going to rest for a long time.

The legs are long, leaned back and shoulders from the legs, the hands hold tightly and are drawn into the body, and the elbows are tucked into the torso.


The last motion is known as the recovery. To make it right, shift the drive in reverse to take you back to the catch spot.

Extend your arms, hinge your hips to the torso over your thighs, and turn your knees vertically to the ground.


If you want to burn calories without wasting much time, an indoor rower will help. These unbelievable machines are used every day around the world to help people meet their fitness objectives. You don’t need to spend more than an hour on standard exercise machines to burn enough calories. Just 30 minutes on an indoor rower will help you burn up to 300 calories.

It is also important to note that not all machines are created equal if you consider an indoor rowing machine. The Hydrow Rower is designed to provide people from all fitness levels with a clear path to total health, providing everyone with the relaxing experience and holistic advantages of rowing without ever being forced into a boat.

Hydrow aims to have a direct impression on you, with the sights and sound of being on the water, along with demanding workouts by world-class athletes, all combined to offer a much-needed break from daily life.

We are excited to help you launch your journey not only into the world of rowing but into a group of like-minded rowers looking for both challenges and mutual support.

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