10 Best Water Resistance Rowing Machine in 2021

You’ve just got to the correct location if you’re searching for the best water resistance rowing machine. A list of the top water rowing machines has been compiled. To simplify it for you, you can finally find a convenient FAQ valuable area for novice and seasoned indoor rowing exercisers.

We listen to you; choosing a good water rowing machine is difficult among so many choices. Also, for those with years of experience writing top reviews and ordering guides, it is often hard to select the right water rower for friends and readers.

Our main objective is to provide you with the best water resistance rowing machine on the U.S. market when writing indoor water rower reviews. And answer all your questions about water rower machines.

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In addition to helping you find the best water resistance rowing machine, this guide helps you learn about the water rowing machine’s benefits. Finally, we will explore what distinguishes water rowers from the air and magnetic rowing machines.

WaterRower Gronk M1 Water Rower

Water Rower Gronk M1 - Hi Rise - Limited Edition

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WaterRower is one of the best water resistance rowing machine, and the indoor rowing machine WaterRower Gronk M1 has its name. This indoor water rowing machine received the highest scores and awards from many primary sources.

This professional rowing machine, entirely manufactured in the United States, has a robust aluminium frame that can hold up to 1000 pounds of consumer weight. A wide range of rowers from 26′′ inseam to 38′′ inseams, both beginner and professional, love the solid aluminium construction and natural water-resistance of this rowing machine.

The WaterRower M1 interior rowing machine is crucial for the natural dynamics of rowing, solid and smooth strokes, and has a unique, patented water flywheel. Besides being calming and stimulating with minimal interference, the unusual self-regulating resistance is variable, suitable for any user without adaptation. The more complicated and faster you row, the more the flywheel produces resistance and the more drag you can experience.

The easy-to-read Series 4 (S4) monitor monitors the heart rate, distance in meters, miles, km, time, burned calories, break and stroke rate, and the number of strokes taken. This WaterRower machine also lets you set up a training schedule overtime to keep you motivated during training sessions.

The S4 monitor will demonstrate your power in six different ways: miles per second, mph, split time of 500 meters, split time of two kilometres, calory per hour, and watts. You may select one of these intensity types to view during the training using the Unit button on the monitor.

These water rowing machine faults are the failure to maintain average growth and synchronization Bluetooth/ANT+ besides, it’s a water rower machine. This best water resistance rowing machine is equipped with a powdered carbon black finish. But the silver Gronk M1 WaterRower can be tested if you prefer a lighter colour.

First Degree Fitness Apollo Pro II Indoor Rower

First Degree Fitness Apollo II Reserve AR Indoor Water Rowing Machine, Black
  • LED display indicates time, distance, 500 meter split time, strokes...
  • Frame constructed with high quality steel and hand lacquered ash
  • Water tank features two triple-bladed impellers for smooth resistance
  • Ergonomic handles help prevent twisting and straining or wrists and...
  • Built-in wheel for moving and storing rower with ease

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The First Degree Apollo Pro 2 rowing machine is very similar to a commercial indoor rowing machine to replicate the feeling of actual indoor rowing, as its treadmill moves through the water in a robust, heavy-duty tank.

Apart from the gentle and relaxing sweating sounds of water when rowing, this good water rower has a unique resistance mechanism that allows the user to change the resistance manually. With a dial at the top of the tank, four different resistance levels can be placed.

In addition to manually controlling your resistance, it also responds to your efforts. The more complicated and quicker your rower is the more extensive the flywheel meetings drag. Another way to improve resilience and make the flywheel more dragged is to add more water to the tank.

This silent water rowing machine features a siphon pump and drops chlorine tablets to keep the water clean for 6 months. Although this water rowing machine does not fold, the water’s transport wheel and weight stabilizing the rover in an upright position make it easy to store upright.

Apollo Pro 2 commercial water-rowing system is built with a steel-head frame with hand-lacquered sustainable U.S. ash-wood side rails for long-lasting training years. It is also quite attractive so that you can view the water rower anywhere in your house.

It’s convenient for the assembly. The frame can be assembled with the tools and instructions given. Please note that often you have to press the bolts because the wood expands and contracts due to the atmosphere.

You also get free delivery, and a generous commercial guarantee on this durable best water resistance rowing machine: 10 years on frame warranty, three years on tanks and seals, 2 years on mechanical components, and 1 year on other features.

WaterRower Club Rowing Machine w/ S4 Monitor

WaterRower Club Rowing Machine w/ S4 Monitor & Hi Rise Attachment
  • Age Group Adult Manufacturer Part Number 150 S4-HR Color Multicolor...

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For some good reasons, the WaterRower Club is one of the best water resistance rowing machine on the market. You will experience a smooth ride with minimal and friendly water noise, a supportive seat, and an ergonomically adjustable footrest for optimum comfort.

This commercial water rower imitates the water row’s dynamic movement and the proprietary water-flywheel mechanism of the WaterRower. 

Customize the resistance by filling the tank with more or less water or row harder and faster to resist. The Club Trainer is handcrafted and eco-friendly in the USA and consists of solid ash-stained rosewood and dark walnut construction, which helps to withstand sound and vibration while offering an authentic old look.

Built for light commercial use and virtually maintenance-free, this water rower is designed for all major muscle groups (84 per cent) to complete a low-impact home workout. Generally, you would expect a bit of noise with the proprietary WaterRower flywheel technology with water resistance rowing machines, but not so much. Although not silent, rowers will listen to music or watch television in average volume during rowing workouts.

The easy-to-read Series 4 (S4) display is another feature that contributes to making the Club Rower one of the best water resistance rowing machine for the money. It records the watts, distances, distances in meters, miles, kilometres, time, the number of calories burned, splits, strokes, and strokes.

The S4 monitor will display your strength in six ways: mile per second, mph, 500 m/h, 2 km/h, calories per hour, and watts. You may select which of these strength styles will appear during the training using the monitor’s unit button. The Bluetooth link to Water Rower Club rowing machine is not interactive, and it is not an interactive rowing machine. But from the Polar chest braces, it receives the heart rate.

This Club water rowing machine features optional high-level attachments. If you can’t squat too far to reach the seat, you can set up the higher-level fixtures to increase the rower’s height for whatever reason. The company offers free chlorine tablets and a one-year manufacturer warranty with this home-use rowing machine (upgradeable to 3-year for parts while the 5-year frame is free of charge with registration).

WaterRower A1 Water Rowing Machine

WaterRower A1 Home Rowing Machine
  • American Ash wood (from sustainable forests) / Black Powdercoated...

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The water rowing machine WaterRower A1 comes with many unique features to give you an outstanding indoor experience. The style is elegant, and the frame is impressively solid. The wood/metal hybrid structure is lightweight enough to fit comfortably in tight areas, making this water rower our highest recommendation for small spaces.

You can comfortably use it in small and large apartments with a total length of fewer than 7ft and a good room. The aluminium frame is lighter than the steel used in other models, making getting around and out of the way very simple.

Despite its small size, efficiency doesn’t have to be compromised. It has a comprehensive water tank and a single rail design to make your rowing feel smooth and regular. You may note that this rower offers one of the most normal movements for sensation.

It also has an LCD monitor with a wide range of feedback on workouts, including strength, time, and pace. The LCD is beautifully integrated into the frame so that there is no danger when it is moved or stored. If you want a high-performance rower with minimal space demand, this is the one.

Stamina X Water Rower

Stamina | X Water Rower, Black/Red
  • Multi-function monitor displays calories, time, stroke count and...
  • Water resistance simulates real-world rowing; Add more water to...
  • Molded seat to promote proper rowing form
  • Wireless heart rate transmitter; Device holder
  • Compact, space-saving design

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The unusual design of the Stamina X Water Rower is one of the exciting stuff. Its frame is made from heavy steel, and its water tank is mounted underneath the slide rail, as are most water rowers.

You pull a seam on a pole and unlock the water paddles under your seat. If you’re used to seeing the water tank before you, it can feel weird at first.

This design makes it much more lightweight than standard water rowers, making it ideal for people with limited space. When you’re rowing, the tiny LCD screen is nothing in front of you. It can be helpful if you want to watch a T.V. down to the floors.

The change in design could cause you to doubt its efficiency, but it does not affect it at all.

As we discussed with the previous water rowers, this one offers you a smooth, natural feel while ripping. The unit is also fitted with transport wheels that are easy to drive around.

The LCD monitor on this model is straightforward but still shows all the details you need about the training. A wireless heart rate monitor connected to the LCD monitor is also available. Remarkably, this is included in a midrange water rower machine.

WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine

WaterRower Natural Rowing Machine w/ S4 Monitor & Hi Rise Attachment
  • WaterRower Dimensions: 82in x 22in x 28in / Weight: 114 Lbs (With...
  • Built For Home Use and Practically Maintenance Free, Rowing Machine...
  • Made Of Kiln Dried Harwood For Better Wood Strength and Performance;...
  • Boasts A Patented Water Flywheel That Mimics The Natural Dynamics Of...
  • Enjoy 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty (Upgradeable To 3-Year Parts While...

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WaterRower is a brand of the highest quality that can make the best water resistance rowing machine (as if the name doesn’t give it away!). This on-demand model is more economical than others, but it still offers elegance, efficiency, and functionality.

Made of solid ash wood finished with honey oak, this rower is the height of beauty but not at the cost of durability. Regardless of your size or ability, the included Hi-Rise fixture makes it easier to get on and off the seat.

The patented WaterFlywheel has adjustable water resistance, regardless of your skill, to a smooth challenge. It also has an S4 monitor with good feedback on output.

Merax Water Rowing Machine

Merax Water Rowing Machine – Fitness Indoor Water Rower with LCD Monitor Home Gym Equipment
  • 【Stronger Resistance Adjustment】Sleek and elegant in design with...
  • 【Quiet & Smooth Rowing】Merax water rowing machine provides a...
  • 【Multi-Feature Monitor】The large LCD monitor accurately displays...
  • 【Customized Rowing Experience】Fill the water tank to desired water...
  • 【Space Saver Equipment】A compact foot print with built-in wheels...

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This famous Merax water rower is sleek and lightweight, making it a good choice for smaller homes. If not used, you can keep the rower upright and turn it into a corner to save even more room.

But its condensed footprint takes the outstanding performance nothing away. It has a six-level, adjustable water tank that, according to Merax, provides additional resistance to flat drums.

This rower can accommodate users of a majority of sizes up to 330lb with a sturdy steel structure. At the same time, its 20″ ergonomic handle and wide contoured seat make it a comfortable rower for extended periods. This rower has an extensive and transparent LCD with session input and numerous preset rowing training sessions.

Captain Water Rowing Machine One water rower currently has a significant impact on Mr Captain rimmer, which combines efficiency and style with a price tag that is more accessible than a few of the higher-end water rowers.

The style comes with a sustainable oak frame that absorbs vibration, while aluminium alloy pathways enable the sitting to move smoothly. The water tank is very industry-standard but cannot be adjusted. Nevertheless, you can enjoy smooth and robust water rowing with the LCD screen to show you how you progress.

Another advantage for this rover is that it can be stored straight, reducing the floor space demand to just 22″ x 20,” perfect if you don’t want an entire rowing machine!

Sunny Health & Fitness Obsidian Surge Water Rowing Machine

Sunny Health & Fitness Obsidian Surge 500 Water Rowing Machine - SF-RW5713 , Black
  • WATER PERFORMANCE: Instant resistance is available with the flywheel...
  • DESIGN: Constructed with lightweight sturdy steel, for solid...
  • ERGO EFFICIENT: Molded padded seat is designed to be comfortable and...
  • FITNESS TECHNOLOGY: The R2 fitness meter is designed to accurately...
  • EASY STORAGE: High density non-marking rubber wheels are perfect for...

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The interactive R2 exercise meter shows the time, the average time per 500M, strokes per minute, speed, strokes, total strokes, burnt calories.

There are six resistance stages. To be sure, resistance levels are not as successful as, for example, a magnetic rowing machine.

A fluid riming machine does not legally set the resistance level, but it can increase or decrease the feeling of water resistance to your stroke by adding or decreasing the amount of water in your tank.

That, along with the pace you ride, can make your stroke feel lighter or lighter. This computer has a different mode to offer you a challenge than “handbook” called “race.”

The race allows you to set the time and distance to set a race against the meter. When all of the parameters are reached, and the winner appears on the screen, the meter stops.

Also, there is a “Recuperation” mode, which works with your heart monitor to send you a fitness reading at the end of your training.

It offers years of use with a well-built, sturdy steel frame and a maximum weight capacity of 300 lbs.

Sunny Health & Fitness Phantom

Sunny Health & Fitness Phantom Hydro Water Rowing Machine - SF-RW5910, Silver , Gray
  • WATER RESISTANCE: Water tank holds water in a space efficient...
  • PERFORMANCE MONITOR: Monitor with swivel feature tracks: time,...
  • DURABLE DESIGN: Rower is built to handle 300 LB max user weight with...
  • FOLDABLE SPACE SAVER: Unique upright foldable design to store in a...
  • BOTTLE HOLDER: Stay hydrated during intense workout sessions with...

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Sunny Health & Fitness is another good option from the L.A. company. The tank’s incline on this rower increases this water river’s price one level higher than our top choice.

It comes with a 60° water bell – which is designed to give users much more of an authentic rowing experience, apart from being space-efficient – which more closely simulates how they rub on a lake.

Also, the tank’s angle offers more resistance, so the blades have to lift the water instead of moving your oars.

The monitor shows time, time/500m, per minute stroke, distance, strokes, total strokes, calories, pulses, calendars, temperatures, and clock. Like our top option, in addition to manual mode, you get the race mode. And also, a restoration mode is available – for use with your chest harness.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Water Rowing Machine


In comparison to other styles of rowers, water rowers use water as their resistance source. A water rower has a water tank with a fan wheel. When you row, the fan blades travel through the water, providing an authentic feeling of water rowing.

You already realize that the water offers an exceptional resistance if you have ever rowed in a boat. It differs significantly from the sensation of being pulled on a hydraulic rower. That is why people who practice for actual rowing use a water rower almost always. The next thing nearest is a magnetic rower, but different

The best water resistance rowing machine have water tanks with adjustable strength levels to alter your exercise speed. Depending on the price level, various systems can be found for this.

Cheaper versions require that the water level in the tank is changed. It means that you have to add or remove some muddy water. Be careful if you have sensitive timber floors.

It’s also hard to do this during training. If you want to do workouts with different resistance levels, a more sophisticated device might help you.

Advanced water-based rowing machines, like our highest recommendation, allow you to adjust the resistance without adding or removing water. You can easily change the resistance level to build powerful HIIT sets or use the rowing machine with many people.

2: Console

Unlike other high-end exercise equipment, there are no large H.D. or colour touchscreen displays, even the most premium water rowing unit. They come with tiny LCDs instead.

While we believe it’s weird because manufacturers have access to these displays, it’s also a positive thing. Since it means the emphasis is plainly on the machine’s motion, resistance and durability.

The data on a rowing machine given by the LCD monitor depends on its price range and the manufacturer. Most of the rotors are per minute distance, time and strokes.

You can also attach the heart rate monitor to some screens and display your statistics on the screen. Some superior rotors feature monitors that enable you to operate built-in training programs.

These programs will help you accomplish your goals faster. If you hold your heart rate at a certain amount, your body gets the ideal training impulse. And fitness experts may develop plans to make the best workout possible for weight loss, stabilization, or power stamina.

You can also check whether a backlight is on the projector. Many high-end rowers have a backlight, but most rowers do not have a low-budget. If you want to work in a poorly lit space, you should take a backlight.

3: Additional features

Unlike other fitness facilities, rowing machines seldom have additional features. However, some parts can still be loaded to make your rowing sessions more enjoyable.

The key features you want to take into account are the chairs, handles, and paddles. These are the pieces with which you come into touch while you exercise.

If they’re not happy or wear out soon, they or the entire water row machine will eventually have to be replaced. Each machine we have mentioned has been chosen for its comfortable and durable points of touch.

However, not every person is the same. And your size or build could make it less convenient to row on some machines. If you’re not relaxed, concentrating on your workouts and getting inspired would be more challenging.

But if you can test a computer or buy it with a money-back guarantee, I’ll always suggest that you try it out.


Amazon adds hundreds of the best water resistance rowing machine models each month, and every new water resistance rowing machine has unique features that you have probably never seen before. That said, injuries can occur if you start the exercise with a home water rowing machine without proper clothing or knowing the facts and features.

As previously reported, indoor rowing exercises help to affect the body’s largest muscles. And the heavier the muscles, the more calories you burn, which allows you to lose weight faster and improves the body’s metabolism. Besides leaning your muscles, the rower exercise often increases your cardiovascular stamina as your home water rowing sessions last longer.

The water rowing machines mentioned above are certainly some of the best water resistance rowing machines on the market you can now find. We also included the brands that make the most prestigious home-use rowing machines. You have to select the model that best fits your budget, fitness needs, and preferences. After reading this water rowing machine reviews, leave a comment, send us an e-mail if you still need help deciding who to buy.

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