12 Best Stunt Scooter for 12 Year Old in 2021

Choosing a scooter is not an easy job for the boy, particularly if it’s a stunt scooter. Since the stunt scooters must be the hardest to ensure long-lasting, stable performance, all features, including the deck, bar, doors, etc., must be thoroughly tested to ensure the product is guaranteed.

There are large variants of stunt scooters on the market. Choosing one of such a vast number of potential options can be confusing and daunting. Don’t worry, however; we’re here to help you.

Today’s piece will introduce you to some of the best stunt scooter for 12 year old. We will also include a detailed purchasing guide to help you determine which one fits the child better. So proceed to read the next section of the article with complete focus.

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What is Stunt Scooter?

The stunt scooter is one of the many variants of the freestyle stunt tricks kick scooter. These scooters are typically optimized for use in parks and can be referred to as BMX bikes compared to a road bike. The feature and nature of the stunt scooters vary. They come with a stricter frame, fixed handlebar, and smaller wheels, for example.

Jetson Jupiter Kick Scooter – Best Scooter for 12 Year Old

12 Best Stunt Scooter for 12 Year Old in 2021

Scooting in the city was never so fun as with the bright Jetson Jupiter Kick Scooter. It’s just about $30, and it’s going to get you to your destination.

This scooter can also be folded, making it convenient to carry into a trunk of a vehicle. There are more than 100 LED lights incorporated from head to toe. If people can catch you, you can get a lot of compliments.

The light also makes it easy to see your path through dimly lit places, although aesthetically pleasing. You may change the handle to enjoy this scoot to the big or short riders. It is also suitable for kids. The rear brake makes a full stop possible.

The scooter is mainly for children with a maximum of 132 pounds. It works, though, to enjoy the trip for people who are thinner adults.

Mongoose Expo – Best Stunt Scooter for Teenager

12 Best Stunt Scooter for 12 Year Old in 2021

This scooter from the Mongoose Expo looks like a motorcycle with its big 12″ Nylon wheels. Because of this, it is ideal for riding on pavements where cracks are also present. The style of the handlebar is influenced by the BMX and supports the bar when riding firmly.

It is a little heavy with more than 20 pounds, but a young girl cannot handle anything. The foot pedal brakes in the spring ensure that the rider stops in a controlled way. The entire structure is made of a heavy alloy and is therefore very robust.

The bright pink color of this model is suitable for scooters. It is a good beginning to train them for cycling. They can also experience BMX with this in their hands.

Albott Pro Scooters Stunt Scooter – Best Stunt Scooter for Teenager

12 Best Stunt Scooter for 12 Year Old in 2021

The Albott Pro Scooters Stunt Scooter is one of the best stunt scooter for 12 year old you can give to your growing children. The scooter is distinguished by quality and exact optimizations to guarantee superior efficiency. The scooter is fitted with high-resilience and 100mm durable wheels.

The rollers are made of polyurethane and polycarbonate materials to make smooth rolling and a gentler landing possible. It also contains a matt deck with cool patterns and enough space to provide young riders with safe stunts.

The 360-degree Albott Pro Scooters Stunt Scooter handlebar makes it easier for new and new riders. Also, the scooter frame is constructed from aluminum materials, making it highly lightweight. It weighs only 7.3lbs to make it easier to carry and work. Such designs simplify the practice of new tricks without much effort by riders.

The scooter consists of a steel fourth along with ABEC covers. These features include a fully safe and smooth driving experience. Moreover, it has rubber handle grips for sliding easily and securely. The scooter’s weight capacity is 200lbs or 100kg. Children who are eight years old and every adult under 100kg may comfortably use the pro stunt scooter.

UHINOOS Stunt Scooter – Best Stunt Scooter for 12 Year Old

12 Best Stunt Scooter for 12 Year Old in 2021

Are you looking for a well-designed, inexpensive scooter? Then the UHINOOS Stunt Scooter Pro Scooters could be a good option for beginners. The scooter comes in a combination of black and red, which makes it look so stylish. Moreover, it features a steel alloy handlebar and cross-bars, which guarantee stability and trick performance. It also features shock-absorbing hand grips for easy riding.

The UHINOOS Stunt Scooter Pro Scooters are lightweight but super rugged to ensure reliability and comfort. The scooter deck is made of 6061 integrated aluminum content heat-treated, which ensures the deck is superior to the stunts’ heavy impacts. Also included in the scooter is a cast aluminum double-bolt clamp to ensure users’ safety.

The UHINOOS Stunt Scooter Pro Scooters feature a manganese steel scooter brake that allows the driver to stop the scooter when necessary. It works noise-free and very robust for shock absorption.

The frame of the scooter is powder-coated to withstand scratches and preserve its long look as new. Moreover, it has an additional strength nylon mix solid wheel, which ensures protection and smooth riding.

Phoenix Pro Scooter – Best Stunt Scooter for 12 Year Old

12 Best Stunt Scooter for 12 Year Old in 2021

Seriously, Phoenix Session Pro Scooter is our best stunt scooter for 12 year old. We are all well known for the Phoenix stunt scooter, but its pro-scooter session has exceeded all standards. Although it is for intermediate to advanced users, if you are very interested in adding different scooting tricks (Tailwhip, Fakie, or Bunny Hop), we guarantee no other stunt scooter can beat the Phoenix Session model.

Similarly, each part – wheels, handlebars, and decks made brilliantly, will never forget if specialists are aware of this tricky scooter. In summary, Phoenix Session can be the best supporter for you if you want to train before competitive days.

Fuzion X-3 Pro Scooter– Best Scooter for 12 Year Old

12 Best Stunt Scooter for 12 Year Old in 2021

In considering children’s protection and comfort while playing with motorcycles, Fuzion has created the X-3 pro scooter model. Although Fusion has also released X3 or Cityglide B200 for children, particularly 7+, the X-3 has proven to be the best provider of results.

Fuzion X-3 Pro Scooter is, therefore, one of America’s most wanted trick scooters. Its golden body of 100 mm thick, ultra-light, fluid brake (nylon/steel) has the same name as the best stunt scooter for 12 year old.

Statically or more technically, you can easily go with Fuzion X-3 if you want to start riding on the purchasing day itself. However, you can also do safety driving with its speed control brake and ABEC9 bearing, as well as smooth navigation? Moreover, you can also substitute any part yourself at any time. So no need for others helps give a new look to this stunt scooter!

Vokul VK3 U-Bar – Best Stunt Scooter for 12 Year Old

12 Best Stunt Scooter for 12 Year Old in 2021

If you search for the right park scooter for your scooter, you cannot go beyond the Vokul VK3 U-Bar Pro Stunt Scooter’s quality and specimen.

This model has been developed for beginners, moderates, and extreme riders. It is made of 6061 aircraft aluminum grade with unbreakable heat forged plates on the deck to present a light but heavier and safer scooter.

The deck’s bottom has a specially treated fluid base, which is wonderful to grind around skate parks. The handles are made from Medium Carbon Steel with a triple bolt clamp.

The wheels are finished with anti-abrasive, high-quality Urethane Tire rebounding. The wheels are shock absorbing to allow a smooth, safe riding experience with radical improvement in the scooter riding’s stability and safety.

Vokul VK3 U-Bar Pro Stunt Scooter. (3.5kilos). This scooter’s overall weight limit is 140 lbs. This scooter has an age range of 12 +.

Royal Guard II – Best Scooter for 12 Year Old

12 Best Stunt Scooter for 12 Year Old in 2021

This Royal Guard II freestyle scooter has everything you need to fill your bag and skate on the street or in the park with inventive tricks. It’s one of the best stunt scooter for 12 year old I’ve ever had. Royal Guard II Stunt Scooter is for experienced riders. For more advanced riders. This scooter is available in black or blue.

Royal Guard II scooter and handlebars are made of aluminum and are light yet resistant to tricks and stunts. The scooter is also fitted with ribbed grips to accommodate children’s riders.

It is prepared with advanced heat treatment equipment to minimize heat when moving. What’s extra fascinating is that it’s chrome steel that makes the scooter snappy, so it’s highly appropriate for fast riders.

The weight of this scooter is around 7.9 lbs, and its weight limit is 210 lbs. The age range of the Royal Guard II Freestyle Stunt Scooter is 12+.

Fuzion X-5 Pro Scooter – Best Stunt Scooter for Teenager

12 Best Stunt Scooter for 12 Year Old in 2021

The Fuzion X-5 Pro Scooter is even more impressive than the Fuzion X-3 Pro Scooter and includes some improvements that will render your riding experience unparalleled. Being a luxurious train, at the price it comes, we’re all confused. A few bucks over 100 dollars, this stunt scooter is everything you have to do, not just to become a great motorcyclist but also to do some fun tricks.

It is one of the best stunt scooter for 12 year old on the market today compared to the previous edition. It has a sturdy steel brake and nylon cover that should make maneuvering and move a lot more convenient. Keep in mind that it is also very lightweight, ensuring that it can be used in various stunts and parks.

Sadly, it is one of the most expensive choices today on the market and is thus used for several professional events. More high-end scooters could be used for specialized activities. Therefore, this one is a top choice that helps you compete with some of the best choices.

Xspec Complete Pro – Best Stunt Scooter for 12 Year Old

12 Best Stunt Scooter for 12 Year Old in 2021

It can be used both as a kick scooter and a stunt/pro scooter, so we love it so much! It is super flexible and stylish so that you and your top stunt scooter can turn heads when you glide on it easily.

Xspec may not be a top brand, but the unit is durable and reliable. It has a long-lasting brake, which gives you excellent stopping ability. The grip applied to the scooter’s top would ensure that the scooter cannot be slipped off. The HIC Head System is one of the top-of-the-range choices.

In terms of design, this scooter has the highest quality features, making it one of the cheapest choices on the market today. We recommend it to some of the leading scooter experts, and it is perfect for beginners as well.

Envy Scooters One S3 – Best Stunt Scooter for 12 Year Old

12 Best Stunt Scooter for 12 Year Old in 2021

This scooter was built only for the younger rider, and Envy has described the scooter for the rider who wants to improve with the Razor A Set. This newbie is the ideal route for you when you drive down the road or are about to roll in the skate park. Suitable as the best stunt scooter for 12 year old.

The lock, which attaches the bars firmly to the frame, is a two-Bolt Aluminum Clamp with 6 mm hex bolts of high tensile steel. The COLT traditional steel Gabel is made of aluminum grade 6061-T6 and is suitable to be used by children to roll on S3 wheels 110 mm x 24 mm wide, which catch the floor with premium-grade 86a polyurethane. The bars are made of 4130 Chromoly material in secure and durable hand grips. Our three-series nylon braking system and the PRO Standard combine front and rear nylon.

Since Envy One will come in six shades, they are both colors of contrast. Every scooter is black and features colored PU with w/metal core spokes, markings, and bar edges. It is supplied with a two-piece control, while the design is an excellent way of fitting the scooter to a smaller kit. We have never heard of a case in defense of Envy, in which the bar fell on the road—a wise choice for a novice who wants a healthy and durable scooter.

Envy One is simply Envy’s reaction to the rising demand for entry-level scooters. It may not have formed the “Ones,” but the pro scooter scene has triggered a flood of young people to try another sport. New teens would need facilities to help them appreciate the sport yet to excel.

Dominator Bomber Pro Scooter – Best Scooter for 12 Year Old

12 Best Stunt Scooter for 12 Year Old in 2021

The Dominator Bomber Pro Scooter is robust, lightweight, and designed from the average rider’s highest quality applications. The best components help you learn the next trick and hit the next level. This pro scooter is ideal for children 6plus and 4.0ft-5.5ft in length. It weighs 7.75 lbs, but for riders, it weighs 250 kg. The ALL-NEW Dominator Bomber Pro Scooter is excellent to use for hitting the field or shredding the road.

It is a simple but well-fitted scooter with features such as a HIC compression system, a 6061 aluminum deck, a 23″ high bar 22″ wide with a 4.5″ large deck with a width of about 20.5 inches, and 110mm WHEELS. Deck sizes of the scooter is a little longer than the other scooters on the market.

The Pro Scooters Mart thumb has provided the Pro scooters sniper with a fair price, good colors, powerful parts, and a right wheel size. Pick this scooter if you like the way it looks. The sniper has little to do with the truth. Dominator has been making sturdy scooters for quite a while now.

Dominator is a spun-off district scooter company in the lower ranks while cutting off its flagship brand. Dominator is a unique scooter brand for beginners. Many of your trick scooters are important and are priced fairly against some of your rivals.

You may want to look at any of the Dominator’s versions, whether you don’t want to do a few tricks in the skating park but don’t want to spend more than $100 on a luxury trick scooter. The Dominator Trooper is a fantastic scooter with an affordable price tag for younger riders.


If your kids are an adventurer, the best stunt scooter for 12 year old is an excellent gift. It will give them wonderful pleasure and enhance their activities. Proper maintenance is important to remember to reduce the chances of accidents or injuries. But protection should still be the first concern. So when you buy a tricky children’s scooter, you must consider the safety of your children.

We know that choosing a perfect stunt scooter is not easy. But it’s not a lot to pick the best stunt scooter for 12 year old by reading this post. Here we have reviewed the best stunt scooter for 12 year old girls, and we believe that you can pick the right one fast, and you will agree with us without hesitation. Finally, Happy shopping, we like to hear!

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