10 Best Rowing Machine Under 500 Dollars in 2021

Fitness is one of the most rampant issues in our culture today. Everybody has goals in life, but did you know that rowing will help you achieve that goal? Many people fear that having a rower in their house would create issues in their financial budget. You probably have the money to buy a quality rower.

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There is decent quality best rowing machine under 500. The response is certainly yes. Immediately we can list at least thirty rowers under this price point. You will have to study to find the best rowing machine under 500.

Sunny Health and Fitness Obsidian Water – Best Rowing Machine Under 500

Sunny Health & Fitness Obsidian Surge 500 Water Rowing Machine

Sunny Health and Fitness is a top brand when it comes to the facets of exercise and health. At the higher end of the spectrum, the Obsidian, like that, is undoubtedly worth every penny you spent.

This unit is likely to have the most resistance as it simulates the feel of rowing in the water. This rowing machine using hydro-blade technology to ensure competitive rowing.

The hydro blade technology on this system uses a fan on the water to generate resistance inside this rower. The speed in rowing thus can slow down or speed up.

This unit utilizes existing water in the pond to provide resistance for your workout. Also, this means that one must be able to adjust levels on the rowing machine to succeed.

It isn’t the most trendy workout apparatus among those on our best rowing machine under 500 list. It can reliably track all sorts of metrics that you may want to. You can do whatever your fitness target is with this water-resistance device when using the rowing machine.

One nice thing about this rowing machine is that it has a decent degree of longevity in the market. There is a small weight capacity increase with this model too. You can easily control and change this rowing machine, and it is possible to prevent any damage when used.

This rower has a weight limit of 300 pounds. This rower model is by far the priciest of the rowers we looked at. This computer is undoubtedly at the top of our best for sale lists.

The ergonomic chair has been designed to minimize backache. The rower is also very comfortable because it is constructed with comfort levels in mind. The company says they have added padding to the seat to improve this rowing machine’s comfort levels. 

Another great advantage of this wheelchair is that the footrests are wide enough to fit your footwear. While there for those who have larger or narrower feet. These straps can be customized for you to use the computer at your convenience.

Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic – Best Rowing Machine Under $500

Sunny Health Fitness Magnetic Rowing Machine Rower

Sunny Health Circuitously Magnetic Rowing Machine. A competitively priced magnetic rowing unit. Chest respirators are extremely useful in respirator safety.

The rower has fully adjustable magnetic resistance, which works well for both beginners and experienced athletes. It’s easy to change the difficulty by using the number of reps and sets. It is the right choice for rowers since this system can handle more than one rower at a time. There are various resistance levels so that you can find the best exercise for you and your family.

It is changed using a turn. This function helps one to work oneself against persistent and often broad opposition. And if you row slowly, this is always possible, you know. We will see how the design difference from an air rower, but we will talk about that in a moment.

This rowing machine does not simulate actual rowing. During exercise, you need to pause and adjust your resistance each time you alter your running sessions’ strength. If you want an authentic rowing experience visit the Hydrow.

The best thing about Sunshine Health & Fitness’s LCD monitor is you can check your fitness progress. It is more significant than any other system on the market, monitors all-important stats, such as distance, time, splits, strokes, calories burned, heart rate, and pulse. There is a scanner mode for efficiently monitoring the stats of players.

Its body is made from metals & its zipper is made of nylon. This computer exhibits robust construction characteristics of Sunny Health & Fitness. This computer also comes with transportation wheels, so you will be able to take it anywhere in your home with ease.

With the extra-long slide rail, this unit is better for use by tall individuals. Regardless of your height, you can comfortably use this unit. The maximum user weight capacity of the most popular exercise machines produced by Sunny Health and Fitness is 300 pounds.

Stamina ATS Air Rower – Best Rowing Machine Under 500 Dollars

Stamina ATS Air Rower/ Rowing Machine

Our top pick for best rowing machine under 500 is Stamina ATS Air. Stamina is among the leading brands of air rowers. Let’s have a look at some of the characteristics:

The rower operates on a flywheel airflow mechanism. Your rowing sets off your resistance levels are determined by force produced by the wind against you. If you grow faster, you will receive stricter resistance.

You don’t need to add a force to the chain. The metal chain will carry its weight! When your feet are protected using nylon belts, you will be safe on the kayak. The toe guards can be used for most foot sizes.

Digital LCD Monitor – You will be able to monitor your time, speed, calories burned, and so on. It is beneficial for individuals with hectic business schedules.

The construction of the chrome seat rail ensures a secure and healthy return to the starting point. The staircase is long enough that most people can use it with ease (6ft plus).

The foam seat is cushioned for warmth when you exercise. Ball-bearing rollers improve the rowing experience for the competitors.

This is easy to assemble and it can be completed in an hour. Height: 31.5″, Width: 19.5″, Length: 78″, Weight: 73 lb.

Space – easy to store when done with the exercise. This product is very compact and can be used quickly and comfortably.

Fitness Reality 1000 Bluetooth Magnetic Rower – Best Rowing Machine Under 500 

FITNESS REALITY 1000 PLUS Bluetooth Magnetic Rowing Rower

Only the Premium Fitness Reality 1000 model on the market integrates Bluetooth technology.

It complements other items as it comes with Extended Optional Full Body Workout and Free App (my CloudFitness App). It is useful for those who love to take notes of all their rowing details (to motivate you to better fitness results).

The My Cloud Fitness App is groundbreaking software for managing all of your workouts and setting fitness goals. The user can also use it with other exercise machines. This app keeps track of your speed, steps, calories burned, and many other stats.

Additional Exercise Derived (no other rower has this!!!) If you are looking for a demanding workout for your body, this equipment will provide an intense workout!. You can also do front raises, side raises, tricep extensions, and reverse grip curls with the unit.

MaxKare Water  Best Rowing Machine Under $500

MaxKare Water Rowing Machine

In this group of inexpensively priced rowers, you’ll find at least some units that work without complaint.

Rowing features solid construction with ample reserve water. Those mentioned above make the bike a fun ride. It doesn’t fold like others, but you can easily store this oar in a corner and wheel it over.

Among these, the LCD unit is one of the most significant features of the Equinox Incline Trainer. For under $500, this water rowing machine is a steal.

SereneLife Smart – Best Rowing Machine Under 500

SereneLife Smart Rowing Machine-Home Rowing Machine

The SereneLife Smart rowing machine is an inexpensive device that is both an air resistance and magnetic resistance rowing machine.

It also applies to that you can see the silence and consistency of magnetic resistance for longer steady-state rowing sessions and experience the sensitive and standard sensation of air resistance for high-intensity exercise. The rower is made from aluminum and is 250 pounds in weight.

This rower provides an extensive and transparent backlit digital display and Bluetooth connectivity in terms of secondary features. It lets the rower link to a fitness monitoring app, FitShow.

Goplus Magnetic – Best Rowing Machine Under 500 Dollars

Goplus Folding Rowing Machine,Magnetic Rower

We support Goplus Magnetic Rowing Machine as one of the best rowing machines on the market today. Many characteristics made CDP highly recommended by us.

First of all, the tiller will allow you to row smoothly, which may seem a little odd because you will be rowing inside, but this means that you will get a smooth and efficient motion with every stroke.

You can also benefit from the multifunctional monitor covering various necessary details, such as the speed, distance, time, and calories burned to make your workout most efficient.

It would help if you were relaxed when involved in stressful tasks. The Goplus MagneRowing has an upholstered, padded, sliding seat that can fit any sized person when you are out on the rowing machine.

Besides, as the boat has an oversized seat rail, this makes it exceptionally smooth-sliding, as you rowing an angled seat rail for quick seat return and textured grips to keep your hands secure and relaxed to rowing.

Rolling the Goplus Magnetic Rowing Machine would be a great aid because it folds up. You will keep rowing using this rowing machine for years to come.

XTERRA Fitness ERG700 – Best Rowing Machine Under 500

XTERRA Fitness ERG700 Rower

If you search for the most sophisticated rowing machine, the XTERRA Fitness ERG700 will undoubtedly make you happy! It is durable and heavy. In the system frame, titanium, ABS, and steel are used.

Metal pieces are painted with a durable anti-corrosion coat. This way, your equipment will last a long time without any damage. We like that the folding machine is quickly assembled and disassembled.

You can do it even without the help of anyone. The unit can travel using a collection of wheels from one position to another. The machine in this story offered complete stability while rowing. This base has rubberized levels that can be modified accordingly.

The exercise equipment XTERRA ERG700 features an air and magnetic resistance system if it is not enough. It produces a definite reaction during muscular exercises such as jogging or exercising. For more capacity, you have 16 levels of resistance.

As you begin to row, the pull keeps getting stronger, getting you to new abilities.

It makes the interface more user-friendly than comparable products. With this unit, you can track your workout.

Stamina ATS Air Rower 1405 – Best Rowing Machine Under $500

Stamina 35-1405 ATS Air Rower 1405 Rowing Machine

Air Rowe gives you uniform flight and a load fan rotation. Resistance depends on how hard you work out, making it more generalizable. ATS Rower was praised for its cost-effectiveness and performance.

This recliner has a steel frame, and its seat is electrically powered. It is much larger and has expansive room for 250 pounds. It is a low-impact exercise where the muscles develop strength. Let’s look at the data.

This wrist exerciser enables you to monitor the number of strokes, distance, time, calories, and speed. It’s not a high-tech monitor that shows “all” stuff. There is a large number of happy users who checked this solution. Since there is no heart rate monitor, calorie count accuracy can not be correct.

This electric wheelchair has its air suspension system, which propels the wheels into motion by an electric motor. You need to go faster if you want to row at full speed.

Stamina rower is made with stainless steel cord, an exaggerated chrome seat rail, and a bold look. The flywheel is covered with a metal cage and is durable plastic. Besides, the price of the deck is very much available.

Marcy Foldable Turbine Rower – Best Rowing Machine Under 500

Marcy Foldable Turbine Rowing Machine Rower

The Marcy Foldable is the newest elliptical-like bike with an advanced ebb and flows resistance system. It gives both air and magnetic motion systems to make the movements natural as well as challenging. It is perfect for those who exercise daily and pleasant addition to the home gym. Let’s review some of the features of the product.

As with the other rowers, Marcy’s frame can carry up to 300 pounds of weight. Aluminum is the primary material used by a rower. There are bicycles and tricycles to make traveling convenient. The chair is well built so that you do not feel any back pain.

The small handle is inserted into the frame to change the resistance. There are 8 degrees of resistance. As professional athletes, this practice is not rigorous enough for them. It is suitable for cardiovascular health.

The computer is ready to use when you receive it. It would help if you had some pieces of the directions to support you at the end. There is nothing major necessary other than daily wiping.

Shopping for The Best Rowing Machine Under $500

On average, cardio machines by the midrange range would achieve the best performance. Just look at the map! There is no difference between a rowing machine and a bus.

Having this vast number of choices and features in the right product is fantastic, but it also brings a degree of frustration to find the right product.

The key is to know what to look for. It is where I can provide more support to you. We will discuss all the factors to help you be selective.


For most consumers, budget and mid-range rowing machines would have very similar designs.

It is a frame with a high central hub where the training system is mounted. Attached to your handlebar are your mirrors. There are several seats along the central rail that provide the opportunity to slide back and forth.

It is a rundown of one of the essential features of a rowing machine.

The most important thing to know about buying rowing machines is to see the scale of it beforehand. Indeed, this thing will suit you and your house. These expensive rowing machines would be of no use to you if you cannot fit on them.

Your height is essential to you. If you are too tall for a particular computer, the experience of using that machine would be painful. If you are small, you will be unable to access those components.

If you are between 5’7″ and 6′, most rowers from the average height should be able to accommodate you. You should always check the dimensions of the rowing machine you purchase.

The most important thing is measuring the inseam length, the length of the inside of your leg. Measure your inseam, then compare it to the specified inseam of the described unit. This kind of detail should be listed on the marketplace or the website of the manufacturer.

Besides weight, you should also consider the height of your mate. You do not want your machine to fail because you are 300 pounds and your rower only has a weight capacity of 250 pounds. As you get closer to your weight limit, the feeling can get more and more unruly.

To satisfy your needs, we suggest looking for open floor plan rowing machines that provide weight capacity.

In this way, you must ensure the rowing machine will match your home or a venue. If you want to purchase a rowing machine, you need to know the unit’s width and length and the length of the frame.

It would help if you asked whether you want to permanently keep a rowing machine in your room or store it for later use—some versions collapse for fast storage and transportation.

Some versions do not collapse, although they can be folded for space-saving considerations. The models aren’t supposed to travel – they remain in place.

Make sure you make all of the measurements you need and purchase clothes accordingly. The small effort now will save you a major hassle later on.


When you know your rowing machine can suit your space, you’re ready to fine-tune the resistance device.

The resistance defines how challenging a workout would be. With family rowers, you will find a handful of boat systems ready to test you.

For the first time, rowing machines are now being brought to Singapore. The entire structure is water tanks. In this way, the fan helps to control the speed of the motor. The more you work, the harder the job feels.

Rowing is much better when you have a hydrophobic shell. It is the closest experience to rowing without ever leaving your own house.

While high-end rowers are more advanced, you can still set a midrange resistance rower’s resistance by filling it to different levels. In a workout, you can’t easily spill or pour water onto yourself.

Another way to measure rowing is to consider air resistance.

The idea is similar to a water rower’s model, except the fan wheel’s blades are in direct contact with the air instead of the water. It is everything remained the same.

In regards to rowing, air resistance provides a smooth and productive experience. They reliably calculate exercise data that cannot be collected explicitly from water resistance.

The biggest drawback of using air resistance is that it can make loud noise due to the air’s opposing force.

It could be a future trend. This method of rowing uses a metallic flywheel with a magnetic brake. As the magnets travel closer to the wheel, the higher the resistance.

Magnetic resistance provides you with a setpoint and correct resistance levels. It will encourage you to work on your level and persist until you strengthen or alter it.

One drawback is that the sensation of magnetic resistance is somewhat more clinical than that of sensitive movement of air or water, but they still feel very smooth when moving. They are quieter than usual grinders which is a bonus if you don’t want to annoy the people around you (or yourself).


All rowing machines on this market will have a central control panel. However, the size of the panel will be specified by the manufacturer.

An LCD TV display will provide feedback on your workout. This pedometer will indicate when, where, and how much you worked out in addition to your efficiency metrics.

Of course, only a system compatible with an external heart rate monitor can display the pulse on it (usually in the form of a watch or chest strap). Many times you can find a chest strap for the rowing machine bundled in with the rower model.

Notice that screen size and resolution vary between devices and not every display is adjustable or backlit. If you use the rower under less than optimal lighting conditions, a backlight is mandatory.

Secondary Features

Secondary features of the rowers are primarily aimed at ergonomic design. Unlike a treadmill, one does not have one but three contact points with the rowing machine – his paws, feet, and ass. Regardless of how long you work out, these clothes should be comfortable.

All rowers in this price range should have soft, comfortable seats that do not require external padding. The handles should also be covered with padding or fabric to prevent slipping when you get sweaty.

You must wear a flexible pair of footplates with an adjustable strap to protect your shoes. If they want to feel more natural as you rowing back and forth, that is all the better.

As opposed to elliptical trainers, rowers don’t have a whole lot of convenience-enhancing functions. This product is bare-bones since it does not have any built-in speakers or cooling fans.

It could be a bottle holder or a media rack. It will allow you to prop up a tablet or smartphone quickly. You can also watch TV programs and movies while rowing if you want.


As a person who is making a fitness journey, this list of fitness equipment is useful. The rowing action found in this list of the best rowing machine under 500 has never been more enjoyable than ever! For each of these appliances, customer services are top-notch, and we know it.

We estimated these best rowing machine under 500 which are described above. Regardless of which rowing machine you pick, we know that all these rowers will help you achieve your fitness goals.

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