12 Best Foldable Rowing Machine in 2021

More and more manufacturers now realize the value of space-friendly fitness equipment—ideal for choosing the best foldable rowing machine, as you have more options. The standard is also generally equivalent to non-folding versions.

If you want larger equipment for your home fitness room, living in an apartment or having limited space can be an issue. However, fortunately, the best foldable rowing machine makes it possible for you to have a full-sized rower at home and benefit from space conservation design by folding it away if this is not used.

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Space-saving fitness equipment is becoming increasingly common when it comes to purchasing a weight bench. People sometimes look instead of compact models for a collapsible weight bench, although the latter is still prevalent.

Concept2 Model D

Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine with PM5 Performance Monitor
  • Space Recommendations: Assembled: 8 ft x 2 ft (244 cm x 61 cm) With...
  • Designed to fit most users: 14-inch seat height, 500lb user capacity,...
  • Low impact workout that engages all major muscle groups; work legs,...
  • Track your progress with real-time reliable data; the Performance...
  • Separates easily into two pieces for storage; caster wheels make it...

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The Concept2 Model D is a brilliant rower. You won’t be disappointed if you buy this computer. For a reason, it is the world’s best foldable rowing machine.

But what about its foldability? 

Well, you have two choices, both convenient and straightforward. Next, the unit can be stored upright without the need for disassembly. Or by using a fast release mechanism positioned around the center of the rail – no tools are needed – you can split the machine into two different components. The computer can then be quickly reconnected when you are ready to use it again.

Model D can be stored conveniently in the wardrobe, under the bed, or just out of the way in the corner. It’s fast to pass, and you won’t find it hard to handle both pieces. It also comes with caster wheels, so you can quickly switch it or change its position if you want to store it upright.

The monitor arm and display can also be folded down for storage, so you don’t have to worry about the damage. Another argument is that this unit is very well constructed. The frame is durable and weighs up to 500 lbs.

Stamina BodyTrac Glider 1050 – Best Fold Up Rowing Machine

Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050 Rowing Machine
  • Unique, full-range-of-motion rowing mimics being on the water
  • Multi-function electronic monitor to keep you motivated
  • Comfortable molded seat
  • Adjustable, hydraulic cylinder resistance for a smooth rowing stroke
  • Foldable arms for compact storage

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The Stamina BodyTrac Glider 1050 is the ideal choice if you want a rower that suits your balanced lifestyle but does not have room to fit in. Not only does it have a minimal footprint in comparison to other computers, but it’s also a legit rower before it even folds. That means you’ll get a decent workout.

Only carry the weapons into the frame to fold, and, of course, it’s ready to store. The rower is soft and smooth so that it’s super easy to store up or lie down. You can also put it out of sight in a wardrobe or under a unit. The BodyTrac Glider 1050 is also very lightweight, making it easy to switch from storage space to training.

An exceptional rowing experience is provided by the Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050. As opposed to many rowers with a single handle linked through a chain or belt, this system has two separate rowing arms that imitate the sculling movement so that you feel like you have a real boat.

Merax Magnetic Exercise Rower – Best Foldable Rowing Machine

Merax Magnetic Rowing Machine Foldable Exercise Rower Adjustable Resistance for Cardio
  • 【Various Workout Equipment-Multiple Resistance 】Switch up the...
  • 【 Extra Padding & Rotary Design-Fully Padded Seat&Multi-angle Rotary...
  • 【Track Your Workout-Large LCD Display 】With convenient LCD monitor...
  • 【Comfortable and Silence-15 Degree Angled Seat Rail& Built-in...
  • 【Durability&Portability-Folding Frame& Built-in Wheels】Equipped...

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The exercise rower from Merax Magnetic has a more robust frame but is still streamlined and takes no floor space. It is our most excellent value because of the range of comfort it offers. You will love the seat that is fully padded and gives you comfort during your workout. It has multi-angle rotary plates that help you target your legs’ unique muscle groups. The floors are suitable for any foot size. These plates have trodden, so your feet don’t slip away when you row.

This folding rower has outstanding support for your posture during exercise. A silent flywheel is on the Merax Magnetic exercise rower so that you can train in silence. A display monitor is provided to help you monitor your progress. Use the monitor to see how many calories you have burned and how many miles you have traveled.

The Merax Magnetic machine is solid and stable, so it doesn’t travel around no matter how quickly you fly. The rowing machine provides full-body training to tone your arms, legs, heart, and back. Any stroke you take involves 86 percent of your body’s muscles. Merax Magnetic workout will boost your endurance and blood flow. It offers low impact preparation such that joint pain is not induced.

Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower 

Velocity Exercise Magnetic Rower
  • Resistance: DMC System (Drum Magnetic Control)
  • Electronic tension control
  • Large PU molded saddle & Foldable and space saving.Polyurethane Molded...
  • Beam: Anodized Aluminum Profile + rectangular tubing support.The...
  • Mat size: 93'' x 24'' x 0.3''

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The velocity is our best foldable rowing machine. It features a drum magnetic control system and electronic resistance that provides optimum friction to improve muscle strength. It’s easy to sit on because of the wide seats that keep your posture. The floors are wide for any foot span. There are designs and braces on the floors so that your feet do not slip when you ride. The wide handrail has a slip-free grip to ensure a secure grip. It features a soft foam cover that prevents skin chafing and calluses.

The structure of the folding rowing machine Velocity is robust and durable. It has a wear-resistant aluminum frame. The whole frame has rectangular tube support to avoid bending. This indoor rower is provided with a cardiovascular heart rate monitor for heavy cardiovascular workouts.

The Velocity magnetic rowing machine is simple to assemble. The simplified system means that not much floor space is taken up. Fold it down for quick storage or take it on your holidays with you. It is lightweight and can be transported hassle-free everywhere.

Fitness Reality 1000 Plus – Best Fold Up Rowing Machine

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There is also a big 3.5″ LCD monitor on the machine, showing the distance, time, total count, burned calories, strokes/min, and scans.

Whisper quiet and super-smooth, and the 1000 Plus comes with 14 magnetic resistance levels to make workouts fast.

Excellent features that protect our top spot include a comfortable, large, contoured cushion seat pad for extra support in long workouts, antifreeze pedals with adjustable strap rings, rear-floor stabilizers, and extra-wide (21.5″) foam handlebars for sweaty handles.

These guides are well suited for the additional exercises provided by the system’s great function – the patentable front stabilizer pads, shown in the picture below.

It allows you to expand and vary your workout and focus on various muscle groups with curls, straight lines, bent-over rows, front lifts, shrugs, triples, foot presses, and more.

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5515 Folding Rowing machine

Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Rowing Machine Rower with LCD Monitor
  • DIGITAL MONITOR: The large LCD console displays time, count, calories,...
  • EXTRA LONG SLIDE RAIL: At 48 inches in slide rail length, and 44...
  • ADJUSTABLE MAGNETIC RESISTANCE: With a simple twist, you can increase...
  • TRANSPORTATION WHEELS: Built-in transportation wheels for easy...
  • NON-SLIP FOOT PEDALS: Textured non-slip foot pedals will ensure safe...

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With its 48 inches (44-inch inseam) steel slide rail, this model is suitable for all users, albeit tall. No Bluetooth, but your time, count, calories, total count, and scan are shown in the big, easy-to-read LCD console.

This folding rower gives you eight levels of resistance so that you can change the speed of your training using a simple twist.

The features that we love about that machine include non-slip pedals with easy to adjust belts, a well-padded wide coil seat, built-in wheels, convenient for easy transportation, and sweaty handlebars. The computer is running softly and has a smooth stroke.

The folding mechanism is identical to what we have chosen to store the computer in around 1 minute—instructions for disassembling the button and washing the pin. Once the pull pin is folded, tighten the knob and washer.

Stamina ATS Air Rower 1399 – Best Foldable Rowing Machine

Stamina ATS Air Rower | Rowing Machine | LCD Monitor | Dynamic Air Resistance | Folding Design | Tone Muscle and Improve Heart Health
  • EFFECTIVE, PROVEN RESULTS: Provides a nearly unsurpassed aerobic...
  • DYNAMIC AIR RESISTANCE: One of the main benefits of air resistance is...
  • LCD WORKOUT MONITOR: During your routine, track speed, distance, time...
  • EASY ASSEMBLY AND STORAGE: Once assembled the rower is 77” long x...
  • WARRANTY INCLUDED: The Stamina 35-1403 air rower rowing machine comes...

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This clever Stamina air rowing machine will change the resistance to your stroke’s pace. Perhaps some people can change the resistance setting is not regulated, but for most users, this is an advantage. Exceptionally well crafted with a solid and durable frame.

Unfortunately, air rowers are very noisy, and other people in the house can hear the air rowing machine in that situation. Although it hasn’t discouraged users from buying it, it certainly isn’t a deal-breaker. Relatively easy to set up, which can be achieved for most users in less than 30 minutes.

Stamina InMotion Rower

Stamina Rowing Exercise Machine - Foldable
  • Additional $5 shipping charge applies Row away fat and burn calories...
  • Every time you pull back, you're strengthening and toning your legs,...
  • With its small footprint and comfortable seat, this rower is the...
  • Pivoting foot plates help maintain natural rowing motion
  • InTouch fitness monitor tracks strokes, time and calories burned

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Are you one of those people who buy something to use then avoid it after a while? If that is true for you or on a budget, then this is one of the best foldable rowing machine you can purchase.

Of course, it will never be as high as the Concept2 Model D, but it will be much more affordable! It’s beautiful to users who are more aware of noise, thanks to its quietness.

BodyCraft Pro Air & Magnetic Resistance Rower Folding Machine

Bodycraft Pro Air & Magnetic Resistance Rower Folding Machine
  • Easy to Read LCD. Manually Controlled Air and Eddy Current Magnetic...
  • Straight Bar Comfort Grip Aluminum Handlebar. Deep Contoured Seat with...
  • Deluxe Adjustable Heel Rest with Quick Adjust Foot Straps. Heavy Duty...
  • Quick Release Fold and Roll System with Smooth Roll Transport Wheels -...
  • Display: Shows Time, Distance(Meters), Calories (Cal), Pulse, Time...

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A foldable air and magnetic resistance rowing machine are dreaming for rowing enthusiasts. After a decade of extensive research and development, the BodyCraft Pro Air & Magnetic Resistance Rower Folding Machine is developed. It contains state-of-the-art equipment and resolves several consumer troubles concerning rowing machines.

The machine’s strength is manually controlled and provides six different levels. The first resistance level only uses wind resistance, and all levels incorporate air and resistance magnetism. The body is made of aluminum that gives the unit a sleek look and durability.

The height of the seat is 18 inches, and the seat is 38 inches long. The ergonomically built contoured seat offers a comfortable ride, and the adjustable foot station is fitted with foot straps for added grip and protection.

This rowing machine’s assembled dimensions are 98.5 cm long, 21.25 cm wide, and 40.25 cm high. While the size is comparatively huge, it can be conveniently plugged into a compact size with dimensions 43.25 cm long, 21.25 cm wide, and 69.25 cm high. The maximum supported user weight is 350lbs.

The model’s high visibility backlit LCD monitor shows resistance time, distance (Meter), date, pulse, 500m time, the total number of strokes, strokes per minute, and calories being burned. The flexible arm provides an excellent view even while you ride. There are five different systems – manual and four options for racing.

The services include an entertaining boat race that is as exciting as possible. Different target programs are dependent on the distance.

ASUNA 4500 Commercial Folding Rowing Machine

ASUNA 4500 Commercial Folding Rowing Machine Rower with Included Heart Rate Monitor Belt, 300 LB Max Wait, LCD Display and 40 inch Aluminum Slide Rail Inseam
  • 12 Built-in Programs: Manual workout, 6 Preset Programs, Target Heart...
  • Drum magnetic control system (DMC) and Electronic tension control...
  • Built in wireless pulse receiver; includes chest strap to monitor...
  • Large LCD displays Time, Count, Calories, Distance, Strokes/min, Watt,...
  • Built in transportation wheels for easy portability, and Foldable; 300...

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The ASUNA 4500 Commercial Folding Rowing Machine was manufactured by Sunny Health & Fitness, one of the pioneers in the fitness equipment industry, and fulfills a rowing enthusiast’s dream of getting an advanced and lightweight machine at home.

It helps a user to operate smoothly through a stable interface and advanced features. The model uses a magnetic resistance brake and contains a heart rate monitor. The DMC and electronic voltage control systems provide different voltage levels.

Sunny Health and Wellness take this model to your home with a commercial unit. Even after high uses, the high-end steel and aluminum construction can have longevity.

The unit is designed for home users with a flexible build, integrated wheels for easy portability, and a compact size. The magnetic brake system can be programmed to change the resistance to the comfort of users.

The handle is fully coated, allowing the user to have a broad range of movement and a firm grip. The seat is also beautifully coated to provide maximum comfort. The pedals are wide and textured for extra grip, with safety belts for hassle-free removal.

The measurements are 81 cm high, 20 cm wide, and 25.2 cm high. The machine’s weight is 74, 25 lbs. The actual user weight is 300 lbs.

Marcy Turbine NS-6050RE Magnetic Rowing Machine

Marcy Foldable Turbine Rowing Machine Rower with 8 Resistance Setting and Transport Wheels NS-6050RE, Gray
  • 8 RESISTANCE SETTINGS – The Marcy Turbine Rowing Machine consists of...
  • INCLUDES COMPUTER DISPLAY PANEL – This Turbine Rowing Machine has a...
  • DURABLE INJECTION MOLDED SEAT – The Marcy Turbine Rowing Machine is...
  • ADJUSTABLE FOOT STRAPS – This exercise machine comes with two...
  • HIGH-QUALITY CONSTRUCTION – This training machine is made with a...

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If you have a little more space in your tiny house, why not look at our second overall choice of the Marcy Turbine Magnetic Rowing Machine? Off the bat, you’re going to see that it has a 10-year guarantee.

Not only this, but all Marcy goods are assured on the structural components for a 10-year term. The NS-6050RE can carry up to 300 pounds for structure, and you can tell when you are using it. However, as we described earlier, there is a difference in dimensions between this and the Trac Glider.

Therefore, the rowing machine is much more robust. It is about 4.5 feet tall when folded, but it can quickly be stored with the frame’s built-in wheels. The Marcy Turbine NS-6050RE is worth the time if you have room and want something to challenge you.

LifeCORE R100 Commercial Rowing Machine

Lifecore R100 Commercial Rowing Machine
  • Commercial-grade, folding rowing machine with 16 levels of magnetic...
  • 15 preset programs and 4 heart rate control programs compatible with...
  • Ergonomically designed seat and handles; angled footrests with...
  • Measures 92 x 19 x 36 inches unfolded; 600-pound weight capacity
  • Warranty: 5 years parts/1 year labor for residential; 2 years parts/1...

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If you have a little extra spending on your new best foldable rowing machine, it’s worth considering our following two choices – beginning with the R100 rower. This commercial-grade rowing will rival and be great for your workout before the rower of your gym.

The R100 has 15 preset programs, 4 cardiovascular control programs, 16 resistance levels, and 4 user presets, which is rarely included in the list. It has outstanding guarantees, better than the rest unless you purchase it for commercial use.

The R100 flies into a reasonably manageable scale, but its resistance can also keep it bulky. But the LifeCORE R100 is targeted at those with a little more space to deal with. It is also at the top of this list’s price scale, but the advantages are apparent. Look no further for a top-tier folding rowing unit.

Features to Consider When Looking for a Compact Foldable Rowing Machine


You should take into account the weight of any rowing machine you think to buy. Also, when the rower can be folded, a heavy machine can make maneuvering difficult. You don’t want to set up and bring the rower away as a workout.

You may decide whether the machine is heavy or not based on the content. Rowing machines typically have frames of steel, aluminum, or wood (such as the WaterRower). The steel frames are the heaviest types, with the lightest material being aluminum. Water rowers also have some weight because of the water tank.


Having a foldable machine is all well and good, but if the rower is prominent, it can take up too much room even when folded or does not fit in with the space you have available.

You can also have to remember your size when choosing your rowing machine. Smaller, more lightweight rowers are typically less than their larger counterparts and may not be ideal if you are overweight.

Also, if you are tall, a machine with a longer train might be necessary to move back and forth smoothly without bumping/eviting your knees with every stroke. There are still options available if you fall into either group. Make sure you have all the requirements reviewed before purchasing. A decent place to search if you need more details is the manufacturer’s website or even try to contact them.


Comfort may not be the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to getting a grueling exercise, but I can assure you that if you are going to use your rower for a long time, you want it to be comfortable.

For the reasons listed above, size can be the most significant comfort factor. If the machine is too small for your needs, you are almost undoubtedly uncomfortable with the rower. Working out can be hard enough without getting pain to work every time. It’s also vital that you don’t want to inflict discomfort or undue injury to yourself because you can’t do the correct technique.

Also, you’ll want to ensure that you buy a rower with a comfortable seat, handles that won’t irritate your hands, and sturdy and secure footplates.


It is clear that if you are looking for a pliable rowing machine, you will want something simple to transport and store once you have finished your training.

The easiest thing to do would be to leave your rower in a designated space. But it probably isn’t an option because your reading. To make your rower quick to hold and travel, go for a lightweight one with wheels.

You want to make sure your rowing machine is as easy as possible to fold. You don’t want to fiddle with trim pieces to make sure everything is stable before you finish.

You do not even need a foldable unit, depending on the room you have. Some rowers can be lifted to stand upright even though they cannot be folded. It could be even a better option for you.

Additional Factors

There are other things to consider when buying a home-rowing machine that meets your training goals and requirements before you buy. There is no point in getting a computer that suits your space but does not fulfill your other needs or provides a good user experience.

Things like the type of resistance, cost, screen, and guarantee are all significant. Check our complete buyer’s guide to read and make sure you know what you need to know before buying.


Now that you’ve read and got the guide from our customer, it’s time to reduce these machines to our best 3. First, our editor’s option is Concept2 Model D. This system is a magnetic rower model with a weight of 500lbs. The track length of this system is 38′′ which is ideal for prominent and short persons. You will also love the display monitor to monitor your fitness.

The Merax Magnetic exercise machine is our most respected commodity. It has eight resistors, and a 15° cornered seat rail. It has a long railway length of 49′′ and a weight of 264lbs.

You will love the MaxKare magnet folding rowing machine if you want an inexpensive rowing machine. Our budget range comes with several features at an extra cost & it comes with 16 resistance settings, a rail length of 49′′, and a weight of 264lbs.

So can is the best foldable rowing machine, you think? We hope our guide will help you choose a computer appropriate for your training routines to ensure future fitness.

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